Hi, I’m Gustavo.
I build

mobile apps

for businesses across the globe.

Over the past 5 years, my code has run on millions of devices. I'm familiar with design tools such as Sketch & Figma, which allows me to easily reduce the gap between the development and design teams.



Core Location
Battery optimization

I served as a squad leader and also had to conduct international clients' support calls. I interviewed dozens of candidates and coordinated the work among the different iOS developers.

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I was the only iOS developer working on the app and had to implement new features while reducing the existing technical debts. Due to the number of users and the popularity of the app, I was responsible for producing high-quality code that could also be easily adapted to new changes.

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This is a personal app that I made entirely with Flutter. I co-founded it with a designer and we conducted market and UX research. I was responsible for laying out the technical architecture and the database. The app is currently in beta testing and will be released soon.

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Other projects

Core Data

I worked on different short term missions involving various big telco & media companies: The Voice (Flanders), Tomorrowland app, biggest media apps of The Netherlands and Belgium, Brussels Airport app, etc.

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I do

iOS Development

I have over 5 years of experience in making iOS apps. I worked on UI heavy focused apps as well as SDK only projects. I focus heavily on the stability and maintainability of a codebase. I had the opportunity to work on both large projects involving millions of users as well as making prototypes for early-stage startups.

Flutter Development

I recently got into Flutter, which allowed me to target both iOS and Android using the same code base. I'm about to release my first commercial project with it and feel confident working on more elaborate codebases in the future.


I am

Originally from Brazil, I grew up in Belgium and worked in Japan. I now live in beautiful Taiwan where I work remotely for different clients around the world. I also enjoy working on my own projects and study languages during my free time.