Hi, I’m Gustavo.
I build

mobile apps

for businesses across the globe.

I've worked both on SDKs used by companies such as Uber and Samsung, and on apps featured by Apple. Over the past seven years, my code has empowered millions of devices worldwide.



App Architecture

As the sole iOS developer for an app with a monthly user base of millions, I focused on creating a modular architecture for rapid adaptation to changing needs. A key achievement was seamlessly replacing the entire network layer to communicate with a new backend while minimizing impact on users. Additionally, I was tasked with integrating credit card payments and advertising, all while diligently reducing existing technical debt.

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Core Location
Battery optimization

I served as a squad leader, building the iOS team from the ground up. I interviewed dozens of candidates and coordinated the work among various iOS developers. I refactored the company's entire SDK, increased test coverage by 50%, achieved precise background location tracking (with user consent), and optimized battery consumption to approximately 5% for continuous daily usage.

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This is a personal app that I made entirely with Flutter. I co-founded it with a designer and we conducted market and UX research. I was responsible for laying out the technical architecture and the database. Serica is available on both Android and iOS

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This is a personal app that I made entirely with Swift. I single-handedly developed & designed it
 from scratch. I ran marketing campaigns generating 
30,000+ downloads after a couple of days. Over the years I added support for WatchOS and Widgets.

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Other projects

Core Data

I worked on different short-term missions involving the biggest telco, news & media companies of Belgium such as The Voice, Tomorrowland app, Brussels Airport, De Morgen, etc.

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I do

iOS Development

With over seven years of experience in iOS app development, I have worked on both UI-heavy apps and SDK-only projects. My focus is on creating simple, maintainable solutions, steering clear of overengineering.

Flutter Development

I am well-versed in hybrid technologies like Flutter, which enables targeting both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase. I understand that choosing between native and hybrid approaches depends on the specific resources and requirements of a project, as each has its own set of advantages and drawbacks


I am

Originally from Brazil, I grew up in Belgium and have worked in Japan and Taiwan. I love creating my own apps, which I treat like business ventures. This has led me to gain a better understanding of design, marketing, and sales. I believe having this holistic view of products is particularly helpful in smaller teams.